WordPress.com Google Docs Alternative

If you are looking for a great WordPress.com Google Docs alternative to publish articles from Google Docs you found it. DocPress.it exports your Google Docs automatically and gives you even more amazing features without installing the Jetpack plugin.
Export Google Docs to WordPress
Unlike WordPress.com Google Docs add-on you don’t need to install the Jetpack plugin on your WordPress blog or an intermediary interface to publish your articles.
With Docpress.it you export your Google Docs as blog posts directly to your WordPress site with clear styles, formatting and images.

DocPress.it vs WordPress.com Google Docs Add-on

DocPress.it WordPress.com Google Docs Add-on
Export directly from Docs Yes Yes
Preview Yes No
Needs a separate plugin No Yes, Jetpack
Needs a separate interface for exporting No No
Content SEO Analysis Yes No
Readability score Yes No
Export to Makdown Yes No
Export images Yes Yes
Free exports Yes, 5/month Yes
Pricing from $9 for 50 exports Free

If you want to save money and time when writing your articles, more productive and keep focusing on your work instead of reformatting than look no further than DocPress.it. Use the calculator below to see how much time and money you can save.

DocPress is the best alternative to WordPress.com Google Docs add-on , the easiest way to export your articles directly from Google Docs. Install the Google Docs add-on and get your time back.