Import Web Articles to Google Docs - Repurpose - Export to WordPress

If you are looking for an easy way to save articles to Google Docs, you found it. DocPress can import the text from any webpage with a single click.

With the help of our AI tools you can summarize, repurpose and rewrite the text.

And it also features an easy way to export your Google Docs to WordPress.

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How It Works

Import articles from anywhere on the Web

1 click article import to Google Docs

With our 1 click import tool you can import the text from any article on the web, no ads or images.

docpress import article
Set up in 2 minutes or less

Write your blog posts in Google Docs (with AI)

View writing stats and readablity score

With DocPress you don’t need to change your workflow. Write your blogs posts and collaborate in Google Docs as usually.

Create H1, H2. H3, add links, bold text or use any other styles.

Yes, you can add images and they will automatically be imported.

In the first panel you will see you writing stats like word count, reading time and readability score.

Our ChatGPT integration is straight forward and helps you generate entire articles or it can just give you the inspiration you need.

docpress rewrite with AI

AI Rewrite Tool

Repurpose any text from Google Docs or a selection

A simple tool that can help you summarize the text, repurpose or rewrite the entire text from your Google Docs or just a selection. 

AI Writing Tools

Create texts with AI

If you are stuck and you don’t know what to write about use our friendly AI writing tools to generetate article ideas, blog posts introductions and even rewrite texts.

Docpress Advanced Writer fine tuning
seo content analysis

SEO Content Analysis

Improve SEO score

Write SEO friendly content directly in Google Docs and analyze it. Get graded and improve your Google score for your content.

Our SEO analysis tool checks for 8 SEO key points directly from Google Docs.

Article Export Options exports your Google Docs to WordPress posts, pages or custom posts with clean styles and it will automatically import your images.

You can publish your post directly from Google Docs or just add it as a draft and polish it in your WordPress site.

You don’t need another plugin for exporting your articles to WordPress. DocPress connects to your WordPress site via it’s secure API service.

If you want to update your blog post after publishing you can do it directly from your Google Doc.

export docs to wordpress seo options
Export Google Docs to WordPress

Export your content

With our free plan you get one site to publish your articles. With the premium plans you can add up to 50 blogs. 

When you connect your blog DocPress will automatically import your blog categories and display them to be selected.


Export as Posts or Pages

Export your Google Docs as WordPress Posts or Pages with our seamless integration, you have perfect content evey time.

Export as Custom Posts

Now you can export your Google Docs to your knowledgebase or any other type of custom post.

Export as Draft or Published

You can export as Draft and polish your article in WordPress or Private. Also, you can publish the article from Google Docs.

Word counter and stats

Word counter, reading time, character counter plus other stats.

Readability score

Readability scores designed to indicate how difficult a passage in English is to understand.

SEO Analysis

Our SEO tool analyses your article for 8 search engine optimization key points.

Perfect WordPress styles

Your article will look perfect on your blog, with clean styles(h1,h2, h3, links etc.) as you would expect it.

Image import

Your images will be imported in your Media Gallery automatically exactly how you would add them manually.

Post to multiple blogs

You can connect to multiple websites and publish to any blog you connected. Agency accounts can add up to 50 blogs.

Update published posts from Docs

If you want to update a published post, you can do it directly from Google Docs.

Sync categories

Your categories are synced and you can select the right category where you need the article published.

AI Writing tools

With our AI writing helpers you can write articles intros and PR releases plus generate article ideas.

Export to Markdown

Export and convert your Google Docs to Markdown with one click.

ChatGPT Integration

DocPress is integrated with ChatGPT AI, and can help you create articles, do rewrite and much more.

Import articles

Import articles from the any website with just 1 click, get a clean text, not ads or images.

DocPress is perfect for


Publishers and Affiliates

Bloggers and Editors

Technical Writers

In-house Teams

Content Managers

What users say

Works great and saves me a lot of time. A great solution for exporting google docs to WordPress. Handles images well and Alex (the owner) is very responsive. Great deal.
Robert T.
Blogger is Amazing! Loved the tool so much is it allowed me to rapidly transfer my Google Docs documents directly to my WordPress website with little to no effort. Alex, along with making a great tool, offers great support to his customers. That said, I loved the tool and recommend it to all WordPress users that already use Google Docs for their content production.
Kevin S.
Marketing Expert
I work for a PR agency and Docpress is great when publishing our PR releases. For us the word counter and reading time is somehow important plus the ability to post the PR release on multiple websites.
Def worth it. Guys if your looking to upload posts quickly then this software is a no brainer. You can upload a post in a minute, no joke. I use the following: texta-ai - creates an AI post in 20 seconds then i copy and paste it into the google docs and upload. You could have 100 posts uploaded in 3 hrs no bother
Content Manager