Import and Rewrite

The Ariticle and Rewrite sidebar allows the user to import the text of articles from links around the web. Each action will consume 2 AI credits.

The import section allows you to paste the link to any article on the web and be retrived in the Google Doc.

docpress import article

The text is extracted and cleaned up, ready to be rewritten. Here you can use the Rewrite AI function with a number of options:

  • Rewrite the entire document or just a selection
  • Change the tone of voice
  • Create a summary or expand to 700, 1200 or even 2000 approximate number of words.
  • Point of view 1st person – 3rd person
  • Translate in over 30 languages
  • Add additional instructions, ex. add a faq section.

In the background, our AI tools will make sure your text is clean and easy to read.

docpress rewrite with AI

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